Technology used by Kenneth West


Curb and Gutter / Pavement Construction

The means and methods of site construction have changed dramatically since KWI opened our doors 35 years ago. With each new day, the way we do business continues to evolve rapidly, and KWI is committed to remaining on the cutting edge of these advances in technology.

Curb and Gutter / Pavement ConstructionAt KWI, we have made a substantial investment in technology, both in the office and in the field. The PDA in the hand of our project manager on site, the scheduling software used by our Operations Dept., the CADD and take-off system used by our Estimating Dept., the GPS machine control system hard wired onto our equipment, and the accounting software used by our Accounting / Payroll Dept. have all been integrated to work seamlessly together.

Curb and Gutter / Pavement ConstructionThe end result of implementing these various technologies is a project that is developed more quickly, more efficiently, more accurately, and more safely than ever before; and that scenario is a win-win for both KWI and our customers.