Erosion Control Raleigh NC


Erosion and Stormwter Control raleighControlling how much (and in what manner) storm water leaves a site is a major component in the development of today’s residential and commercial projects. KWI continues to be an industry leader in this area. We can lend our years of experience and familiarity with each jurisdiction’s rules and regulations to ensure that each of our projects stay compliant in the most cost effective manner possible.

Without a proper erosion control system, a nearly completed or completed construction project can be scrapped, due to land and soil loss, foundation unsteadiness, and overall building instability. This is the worst nightmare for any commercial builder or construction company. Because we know this is a potentially disastrous situation for any project, Kenneth West Inc completes every erosion control and storm water management project efficiently and effectively, ensuring that every project is secure and stable for the lifetime of the building.

In addition to erosion control and water management systems, Kenneth West Inc also specializes in many other preconstruction and construction services throughout Raleigh, including site clearing and grubbing, pavement construction and reconstruction, and underground utility system installation!

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