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Curb and Gutter / Pavement Construction RaleighCurb and pavement construction is often the final step in the site development process. It is also the most critical for our customers in terms of the daily use and on-going maintenance. Whether a project includes a small private parking lot, or miles of public roadway, KWI has the resources and capability to get it done, and get it done correctly.

Proper site clearing and land grading is required for any paving project to be correctly completed without long term issues. Luckily, Kenneth West Inc Grading & Utilities also specializes in these construction and preconstruction services, as well as many other paving, asphalting, concreting, and other commercial hardscaping. Whether your commercial project requires a parking lot, side road, or public roadway, call Kenneth West Inc. We are the unrivaled leader in paving, concreting, and asphalting throughout Raleigh and Central North Carolina.

Due to our dedication to excellence, countless companies have trusted Kenneth West for their small and large scale construction and pre-construction needs. Read our Top 5 Reasons to Choose KWI, and then contact us today to schedule a consultative meeting with one of our commercial contracting professionals!

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